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“Who looks inward, awake.” Carl J. Gung

Eulàlia Ferràndiz, Interior therapist

Freedom From Addiction

My name is Greek “well spoken”. I like to talk and communicate well, por ésto de entrada estudié Traducción e Interpretación de ruso y de francés y lengua árabe. I am a teacher of language and risoterapia, workshops inner voice and I'm companion Bioneuroemoción®

Communicate well it is essential, but not only with our neighbors but mainly with ourselves and. Good health is the result of a mind, heart and body well connected and aligned, They are acting in consistency.

Work for the welfare of people. To help them connect with being, to care for your babysitter inside through different tools: the game, work with the voice that comes from the depths of our being and Bioneuroemoción®


Our being needs freedom from countless unconscious beliefs based breastplates. With the risoterapia, through play, the inner child again take center stage, It is released and able to express, share and connect with the joy of living. For more information and / or contracting workshops and conferences: http://www.risavi.com Y http://www.tallerderisoterapia.es .

Another essential tool is the inner voice, that connects us to our deepest selves and our emotions. Express our emotions through the voice, sound and spontaneous and creative edge, without trial, heal our inner wounds.


The Bioneuroemoción® It is a method that leads to emotional freedom. It's a way to live freely, sin ataduras inconscientes procedentes de nuestras creencias y/o repitiendo programas heredados de nuestros ancestros.

Studies the impact of our emotions in our body, in our personal relationships and our lives.