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“When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change”
wines Dyer



Often we go through stages where we do not know where we live or what unexpected circumstances. The Bioneuroemoción looking individual beliefs, family and cultural unconscious that led us to this situation, for the conscious trasvasarlas, release them and transcend them, which will lead us to freedom and health. Being careful about what they tell us act accordingly and consistently no longer limit ourselves to “obey beliefs”.

The Bioneuroemoción allows us to restore harmony and health because it connects us to our deepest needs, with our inner selves, We aligns the mind, body and emotions.

when we think, We say and act in the same direction we are well, in peace and healthy.

He objective the Bioneuroemoción is living in a state of emotional well-being, away from behaviors and unconscious behaviors.

On freedom.


The Bioneuroemoción is a holistic approach that encompasses different disciplines studying emotions and their relationship with our unconscious beliefs, our perceptions and the impact on our body and the relationships we build with others.

It is based on the investigation of unconscious beliefs and perceptions transmitted by our family and our culture. With new perceptions people understand, we free ourselves and regain balance and health. Cuando comprendemos y trascendemos vivimos en armonía y equilibrio sin dificultades ni conflictos emocionales porqué además deresolverlosla Bioneuroemoción nos ofrece nuevas perspectivas para cuestionar creencias y realidades y abre a la persona a innumerables potencialidades.

La Bioneuroemoción® no es una terapia, es un complemento a los múltiples tratamientos y terapias existentes. Studies the impact of our emotions in our body, in our personal relationships and our lives.